John McCarthy and Josh Thomson critical of Dana White’s Power Slap league and athlete pay

By Harry Kettle - January 27, 2023

John McCarthy and Josh Thomson have questioned the legitimacy and future of Dana White’s Power Slap league.

Power Slap

Ever since day one, we’ve seen many questions hanging over the head of Dana White’s new Power Slap league. Some are intrigued, whereas others have some serious concerns.

The main worry, of course, is the health and safety of the ‘slappers’. There seems to be very little protection from extreme headshots, with the whole idea essentially stemming from social media popularity.

White has ensured the masses that the league will continue to get safer as things progress. John McCarthy and Josh Thomson, however, have some valid queries regarding its longevity – as well as the pay structure.

“The UFC is following the pattern they said, they started, when they started the UFC. Same owners, same thing, this contract is exactly the same. Two and two [thousand to fight/win] is what these fighters, is what these slappers are making.”

McCarthy & Thomson question White

“Without being able to defend your face. Without being able to defend your chin and you have a stick behind your back, you have to hold, and then the people that are catching them as they fall. They’re not even doing a very good job.“

“I’m gonna say it the way I view it. And it look I think it’s stupid first off. I think this a fad. If you take a look at the numbers that were uh, on TBS following an AEW because what Dana White ended up doing with this you know. He did the same thing that The Ultimate Fighter followed RAW professional wrestling, because it brings a lot of numbers.”

Quotes via Sportskeeda

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