Jim Miller open to fights at 170lbs and 185lbs

By Adam Martin - June 22, 2020

Veteran UFC lightweight Jim Miller says he would consider moving up to welterweight and even to middleweight for future fights in the Octagon.

Jim Miller

The long-time veteran of the sport defeated prospect Roosevelt Roberts via first-round armbar at this past weekend’s UFC on ESPN 11 in what was a 160lbs catchweight fight. Despite being a hefty betting underdog heading into the bout against a larger, younger opponent, Miller pulled off the stunning upset, winning $50,000 extra for “Performance of the Night” in what was his 35th fight in the Octagon, tying Donald Cerrone for the most UFC fights in the process.

Speaking to Kinch on BJPenn.com Radio recently, Miller said that taking the fight against Roberts up five pounds in weight was not a big deal. In fact, Miller says that he would be willing to take fights at 170lbs and 185lbs if the UFC asked him to.

“I used to always fight, show up at fight week below 170 and make that cut. I’ve come in and a few of them have been easier, but the majority of the time I’m coming in a couple of pounds less than I used to in like 2011 and 2012. It still seems like it’s about the same. So, I’m okay with it. There was a time there where I would’ve easily thought 85 when I was walking around in the 180s,” Miller said.

“You don’t necessarily lose that speed, but you gain a little bit of power. You gain a little strength in like the collision and stuff like that and everybody’s different. And for me personally, I do feel like I perform a little bit better sometimes in practice and stuff like that. And unfortunately, I could never fight, make way to 55 and they put all that weight back on not having a technique. So yeah. I’ve been totally open to going up in weight for a while now and just never really had the opportunity. I’m looking to take whatever fight for most everything.

“I don’t walk too heavy anymore. I walk from like the mid-seventies, but yeah, I would definitely say a fight at ’70 and hell man, if I got the opportunity to fight at ’85 I’d try to pack some steak fries.”

It would certainly be a sight to see Miller fighting up a weight class or two considering he’s spent nearly the majority of his career fighting at 155lbs. But the future UFC Hall of Famer appears to be at that point in his career where he’s interested in testing himself by taking on new challenges up in weight.

“I have to get my body back to where it was. And I don’t, I don’t know how long it takes me to do that. But yeah, when I hit that weight, I always felt that it was a completely different game going against the 70s and 85 pounders in the gym,” Miller said.

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