Jessica-Rose Clark blasts Dominick Cruz following Hans Molenkamp callout: “I nearly lost my job”


UFC women’s bantamweight Jessica-Rose Clark blasted Dominick Cruz following his Hans Molenkamp callout, saying that “I nearly lost my job.”

Following his win over Casey Kenney at UFC 259 earlier this year, Cruz called out Monster Energy’s Molenkamp for a charity fight. According to Cruz, Molenkamp was not doing the best job that he could for his fighters and so Cruz challenged him to a fight. That charity match never happened, and it feels like the Cruz vs. Molenkamp feud has softened now. However, it appears that other Monster fighters are not happy with the way that Cruz spoke about Molenkamp, which put their own sponsorship with the energy drink at risk.

Speaking to Drake Riggs of MyMMANews, Clark put Cruz on blast for his comments about Molenkamp, suggesting she won’t forgive him for nearly costing her a Monster sponsorship.

“He put all of us on the chopping block. I nearly lost my job, we all almost lost our jobs because of him. Because he was f—king selfish. I’m glad that they’ve worked stuff out because I don’t care about Dominick Cruz at all. But I’m glad for Hans’ sake that they’ve worked it out because it put so much stress on him because him and Dom have been friends for years. That was heartbreaking to have someone that you thought was a friend call you out publicly like that when you hadn’t done anything to them. That was f—ked up, that was a d—k move,” Jessica-Rose Clark said. “I’m glad that it’s kind of washed away now because I don’t know that many people understand how much damage Dominick did, not just to Hans but to all of us, every single person on the Monster team. He jeopardized all of our jobs and I’ll forever be angry at him about that.”


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