Jalin Turner wants to return at UFC 277 in Anaheim, but needs to sign a new contract first

By Cole Shelton - March 9, 2022

Jalin Turner is pleased with his UFC 272 TKO win over Jamie Mullarkey.

Jalin Turner

Heading into the fight, Turner knew Mullarkey was durable as no one had finished him in the UFC but he was confident he would change that. The two traded shots in the first but in the second, he landed a big shot and quickly finished it to get the biggest win of his career.

“I was happy with it, it was a good fight and it was fun. I had a great time in there, felt good, and had a bit of adversity as he landed a good shot on me,” Turner said to BJPENN.com. “Overall, I’m happy with that performance. He did have a good poker face though like I couldn’t tell if he was ever hurt.”

Although he is happy with the win, Turner admits he was surprised he was able to get Mullarkey out of there so early. However, he calls this a statement win and believes it sets him up for main card spots and ranked guys next.

“I didn’t think I would get him out of there that quickly into the second, I thought it would be late second or the third round I’d get him out of there,” Turner said. “It all worked out, I’m not complaining about it though. To me, this also set the tone for the rest of my career. It’s main cards from here on it, maybe even a ranked guy next. This was a statement win.”

Jalin Turner

With Jalin Turner getting the TKO win, he says the plan is to return at the end of July. He heard UFC 277 will go down on July 30 in Anaheim, and as a California kid, he says it would be a dream come true to fight at home.

“Hopefully in the summer if all goes well. I’m a bit sore from the fight but nothing too bad, it’s looking good. July, August sounds good to me,” Turner said. “I heard they are doing UFC 277 in Anaheim at the end of July so that’s a hometown fight for me so that would be great.”

However, before Turner can return he will need a new contract as he says he’s pretty sure UFC 272 was the final fight on his deal. He plans on re-signing with the promotion but expects a bump up in pay for his new deal given he’s on a four-fight win streak with all our by stoppage.

“We are negotiating right now, my manager is handling that right now. My contract was coming up and I’m pretty sure that was my last fight so a big win there is big as I’ll get a raise and it will help me get a bigger name,” Turner concluded.

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