Ian Garry plans to make Daniel Rodriguez regret signing the contract to fight him at UFC Charlotte: “I’m absolutely going to f*****g smoke him”

By Cole Shelton - May 10, 2023

Ian Garry plans to dominate Daniel Rodriguez at UFC Charlotte.

Ian Machado Garry

Garry is set for the toughest test of his career as he will face Rodriguez on Saturday in a bout that he called for. Although Garry called him out, he was surprised Rodriguez took the bout as he doesn’t think this is a good matchup for the American.

“It’s going to be f*****g bad. I believe I’m far too fast, far too technical, and have far more tools in my bag than he does. He’s got a decent jab that lands quite well but he overreaches on his left hand a lot,” Garry said at UFC Charlotte media day. “He’s getting older, he’s not as powerful, he doesn’t have the same pop as he used to have. He’s been talking about, he’s not felt power like mine, how did that power do in your last three fights? You went to decision twice and lost by submission so clearly everyone has been able to deal with that power. This is the fall of Daniel Rodriguez, when you lose the way you are going to lose to me, you don’t come back from that. I’m going to piece him up in every which way and make him hate that he was there.”

Entering the fight, Ian Garry is the sizeable betting favorite but Daniel Rodriguez seems confident that he can KO the Irishman. Whether or not he is overlooking him or not, Garry doesn’t care as he expects the fight to be one-sided.

“I don’t care if he’s overlooking me, I don’t think about what he’s doing. All I know is that I’m absolutely going to f*****g smoke him and there is nothing he can do about it,” Garry said.

If Garry does what he says and beats Rodriguez badly, he knows that will send a statement and steal the show at UFC Charlotte. He also hopes a top-10 opponent comes next as he works his way up the welterweight ranks.

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