Henry Cejudo responds to challenge from top ranked UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley: “You like a pack of Skittles that had an abortion”

By Susan Cox - January 11, 2023

Henry Cejudo is responding to the challenge from top ranked UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley.

Sean O'Malley, Henry Cejudo

According to reigning champion Aljamain Sterling it was to be ‘Funk Master‘ (22-3 MMA) vs Henry Cejudo (16-2 MMA) in a bantamweight bout this coming March at UFC 285.

Speaking on his podcast, Sterling said:

“I’m announcing that I am going to fight Henry next. We are targeting March. I will say Ali, brother, it’s done but it’s still not done until there’s ink on the paper but it’s done. But it’s still kind of not done but this is the fight that’s going to happen next.”

The UFC had yet to announce the Aljamain Sterling vs. Henry Cejudo match-up as being official.

And then the news comes out that Sterling has a torn bicep and will inevitably be unable to fight in the fist quarter of this year.

On his podcast, Sterling said:

“You guys are probably wondering if we’re going to fight or not. The fight is supposed to be myself and Henry Cejudo. I think that’s all said and done. It’s whether or not I can compete with this torn bicep again. Going through another training camp with a torn bicep, against a guy who is stronger in the wrestling department, who will use his wrestling more with inside leg trips, double legs, high crotches, and trying to run the pipe into these lifts. … I’m going to need this bicep to compete at 100 percent.”

Continuing the 33-year-old said:

“And I don’t take Henry Cejudo lightly. Even though I laid out all the ways that I could win and do that for 25 minutes, I have to get in shape, and it’s hard to get in shape when I have this thing compromise me the entire time. Yes, I can run. Yes, I can do sprints. Those are all cool, but I need to make sure I have the grappling endurance to go 25 minutes with a guy like Henry. He’s smaller, so his conditioning is going to be much better, because he’s not going to be cutting as much weight as he’s been cutting. So I’m already compromised going in. … Is it realistic for me to fight in March? I don’t really think it is.”

Upon hearing the news from Sterling, it was ‘Sugar’ who tweeted:

“Is AljoComain fighting Henry or not I’m confused ? He Said his bicep is torn. If that’s the case let me beat up Henry.”

O’Malley seems ready and willing to take Sterlings’ place and meet Cejudo in the Octagon.

Taking to ‘Twitter‘ Cejudo responded to O’Malley:

“Sean you like a pack of Skittles that had an abortion. Any time, any place.”

There you have it. Would you like to see Sean O’Malley vs Henry Cejudo fight it out in the Octagon for an interim bantamweight belt?

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