Henry Cejudo explains why he thinks Alex Pereira KO’s Israel Adesanya at UFC 281: “There are a couple of things that Israel does wrong”

By Cole Shelton - August 9, 2022

Henry Cejudo not only thinks we will hear ‘And New’ at UFC 281, but believes Alex Pereira will become the new middleweight champ by knocking out Israel Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira

Adesanya and Pereira have fought twice in kickboxing with the Brazilian winning both, including one by KO. Although MMA is much different, Cejudo believes we will see the same result at UFC 281 as he believes Pereira’s striking is on another level, and will KO Adesanya.

“I don’t think this fight is gonna go five rounds. I really don’t. I think just for the simple fact that Alex Pereira has experience with Israel Adesanya, and this is the way I see the fight coming out,” Cejudo said on his YouTube channel. “Obviously, Israel is a champion for a reason, but I also see the more diversity that Pereira has I think is what makes him a little more dangerous, because there is one thing that Israel does leave behind, which is very wide, so I think he may end up changing this during the fight is his stance.

Henry Cejudo

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“Notice he’s very heavy on his legs, because he’s able to rock back and forth, and really a lot of mixed martial artists haven’t been able to take advantage of that front leg,” Cejudo continued. “But when you got a guy like Pereira who’s been there before, who’s a kickboxer, who’s known for kicking, this is where the fight could pay dividends on his side. There are a lot of things Israel does do, he’ll draw people in and eventually catch them with that lean hook.”

Although Henry Cejudo knows both Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya are great strikers, he believes the Brazilian is the more diverse and dangerous striker.

Cejudo believes Pereira has legit one-punch KO power while he can also land knees and flashy strikes. Meanwhile, ‘Triple C’ believes Adesanya’s stance plays right into Pereira’s game which will lead to the Brazilian getting the win.

“There are a couple of things that Israel does wrong in mixed martial arts, and I think Pereira is gonna end up capitalizing,” Cejudo concluded. “Number one is his stance. He’s a little too wide. I do believe Pereira is gonna go ahead and pick at that front leg. He’ll tend to get people to come in, to eventually throw that hook. I think Pereira has been there before, where he has the ability to catch him with those right hands as soon as he (Adesanya) leans for that hook… If it comes down to striking, I’m gonna go with Alex Pereira just for the simple fact that he’s beaten him twice before.”

Do you agree with Henry Cejudo that Alex Pereira will KO Israel Adesanya at UFC 281?

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