Gray Maynard says he was given “hush money” bonus from UFC following war with Frankie Edgar

By Adam Martin - June 7, 2020

Former UFC lightweight contender Gray Maynard shared a story of how he was given a “hush money” bonus by the UFC following his war with Frankie Edgar at UFC 125.

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Maynard and Edgar put on one of the greatest lightweight title fights of all-time back at UFC 125 in January 2011. The two veterans fought back-and-forth for 25 minutes in what was scored a split draw by the judges. It’s a fight that will more than likely land in the UFC Hall of Fame’s “Fight Wing” sometime in the near future.

Despite headlining the event, Maynard made only $26,000 disclosed to show and $26,000 to win for the fight against Edgar, who was on a $51,000 to show and $51,000 to win deal. Because the fight was a draw, neither man was required to be paid their win bonuses, although it was later revealed the UFC honored that part of the pay because the fight was so good. It was the least the UFC could do for the amazing fight these two put on.

In fact, Maynard says the UFC slipped him even more than that under the table. Writing to his fans on Twitter, Maynard said that the UFC paid him a $100,000 bonus for the fight under the table, which he calls “hush money.” This is what has been historically referred to as a “locker-room bonus.”

They gave me a $100k bonus. I remember a thought crossed my mind walking to the cage I was going to be broke if I lost. Because I spent $20k on my training camp. I was only guaranteed $26k. I don’t think it’s called a bonus, more like “hush money”

According to Maynard in another Tweet, he renegotiated his deal with the UFC after the Edgar fight but only to make $42,000 to show and $42,000 to win on his next deal. While Maynard was happy with the bonus, he couldn’t help but point out how low his pay was for those events considering the amount of money the UFC made on PPV. Maynard joins a long list of MMA fighters who are now openly questioning the pay structure in the sport.

Think about this. I was only guaranteed $26k for that title fight (fight of the year), then renegotiated after only to get $42k guaranteed. Both ppv main events. No rules protecting the fighters. But you look like you’ve been in the cage and know what I mean

Maynard was released by the UFC in December 2019.

Where do you rank the fight between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar on the list of the greatest UFC fights of all time?

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