Francis Ngannou’s recent family photos fuel speculation that ‘The Predator’ is moving on from the UFC

By Harry Kettle - January 11, 2023

Francis Ngannou’s recent Instagram photos have led to speculation that the heavyweight may leave the UFC after all.

Francis Ngannou

Over the course of the last few months, and up to a year, many have wondered what the future holds for Francis Ngannou.

It’s no secret that ‘The Predator’ has had his issues with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In fact, that’s probably an overwhelming understatement. Some feel like he’ll leave, and others think he wants to stay and defend his UFC heavyweight championship.

It’s tough to know exactly which way the pendulum will swing. One thing we know for sure, though, is that whoever lands the 36-year-old will be licking their lips at what he could provide for them.

In terms of the Instagram post in question, Ngannou put up a series of photos of him with his family. In one of them, a woman can be seen wearing a PFL shirt.


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Ngannou’s big idea

From our perspective, there’s every chance this is little more than someone wearing a shirt they like. Still, the prospect of Francis heading over to PFL is certainly an intriguing one.

The prize of winning a PFL season is $1 million. Given that Ngannou has, largely, been unpaid throughout his UFC career, it’s not hard to understand why this would appeal. He’s probably the best heavyweight on the planet and he’d be favoured to win against just about anyone.

Alas, there’s something to be said for the prestige of the UFC. After all, the promotion is pretty invested in the idea of booking him against Jon Jones.

Is there a chance we will see Francis Ngannou jump ship to PFL? If he does stay with UFC, when will we see him return? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!


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