Eddie Alvarez slams professional boxers for callouts of MMA fighters: “We really fight! Take your gloves and shoes and shove them up your ass!”

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez ripped pro boxers for calling out MMA fighters, saying “We really fight! Take your gloves and shoes and shove them up your ass!”

Alvarez is the former UFC lightweight champion, the former Bellator lightweight champion, and one of the most respected and well-traveled MMA fighters of all time. Although Alvarez is known for his boxing skills inside the cage, he hasn’t been one of the MMA fighters who has tried to make the move to boxing like so many others have. And based on his social media post, it doesn’t seem like Alvarez has any interest in boxing anytime soon, either.

Taking to his Twitter, Alvarez blasted the boxers for calling out MMA fighters and told them to take their shoves and gloves and ‘shove them when the sun don’t shine.’ Take a look.

We fight in rings ,cages ,circles and mats … Anywhere is just fine for us …. But We Really Fight !!! If you let 10 boxers out in a cell and 10 mma fighters Whose gonna live and whose gonna Die … Case closed . Take your gloves and shoes and shove them Up Your Ass !!

Clearly, Alvarez isn’t a fan of the new trend of MMA fighters fighting boxers. There seems to be a major appetite for these crossover types of fights right now, and we will see another big one of these kinds of fights this summer when Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley. Alvarez has remained in MMA fighting for ONE Championship while other MMA fighters such as Woodley look to make their debuts in the boxing ring. For Alvarez, they don’t call him “The Underground King” for nothing. He is one of the best MMA lightweight fighters of all time and he has the right to have an opinion about the whole boxing vs. MMA trend.

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