Derek Brunson suggests Stipe Miocic move to 205lbs

By Adam D Martin - March 29, 2021

UFC middleweight contender Derek Brunson suggested that former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic make the move down to light heavyweight.

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Miocic was knocked out in brutal fashion by Francis Ngannou in a failed bid to capture the title in the main event of UFC 260. After surviving a tough first round, Ngannou finished the job in the second with heavy strikes. What was interesting about this fight was the weight difference. Ngannou tipped the scales at 263lbs, while Miocic weighed in at just 234lbs, which was far lighter than the 246lbs that he came in during the first fight at UFC 220. The low weight of 234lbs has led some to wonder if he could potentially even cut down to 205.

Taking to his social media following Ngannou’s KO win over Miocic, the UFC middleweight Brunson made the suggestion that Miocic could make the move down to 205lbs.

Stipe at 205 anyone. He’s super lean. I think he can make the weight!

Miocic was never one of the bigger heavyweights and instead has made a career off of being a little bit lighter than most of his opponents. By coming in at the 230lbs or 240lbs range for his heavyweight bouts, Miocic was able to have the speed advantage over most of his opponents, as well as the conditioning advantage, and it allowed him to make his way to the top of the UFC heavyweight rankings and win the title on two occasions.

However, after losing to Ngannou, it’s possible that Miocic could reconsider what he wants to do next. It doesn’t seem likely that he will be fighting for the heavyweight title anytime soon considering both Jon Jones and Derrick Lewis are ahead of him according to UFC president Dana White. Given he’s 38 years old and cutting weight gets harder as you get older, Miocic will likely stay at heavyweight either way, but it is interesting to think about him potentially making that move down to the UFC light heavyweight division.

Do you agree with Derek Brunson that Stipe Miocic should consider a move to 205lbs?

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