Deontay Wilder says he’ll ‘go to my grave believing’ that Tyson Fury cheated in their rematch

By Cole Shelton - October 7, 2021

Deontay Wilder has made it clear he believes Tyson Fury cheated in their rematch and there is nothing that will stop him from believing it.

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Wilder accused Fury of having loaded gloves to be able to hit harder. It has never been proven and when he got his hands wrapped and his gloves put on, a member of Wilder’s team was in Fury’s locker room so it’s highly unlikely Fury had anything in his glove. Yet, Wilder still believes the WBC heavyweight champ cheated.

“I don’t regret it and I’ll go to my grave believing what I believe in,” Wilder said at their final press conference (via MMAFighting). “I know things for fact, I have confirmation, clarity of a lot of things. One thing about it: men lie, women lie, but your eyes don’t lie with what you see. People can believe what they want, we’re all human, but the eyes don’t lie, and it only made me better as a man, as a fighter to understand, to see things and know things for facts. It made me even hungrier than before.”

In the second fight back in February of 2020, Fury dominated from start to finish en route to a seventh-round stoppage win. He dropped him a couple of times and cemented the fact he was the better boxer after their controversial first fight.

As for Fury, he says he plans to KO Deontay Wilder again in the trilogy on Saturday and prove there was no cheating. He also says once he beats Wilder, “The Bronze Bomber’s” legacy will be tarnished forever.

“For those who hold the hot coal with the intention of throwing at somebody, guess what? They’re the ones who are gonna get burned,” Fury stated. “I don’t want to hurt Deontay Wilder, I just want to beat him in a fight, and he knows what he’s saying are lies, and deep down in his soul, he lost. He lost the first time, he lost the second time, and he’s gonna lose the third time. After this fight, he’ll be back to working at the fast-food chain he was working at early on in his career because that’s the only place he’s gonna be welcome. You’re in denial, and you’re getting knocked out. That’s your legacy, tattered, torn to bits, finished. You’re getting knocked the f*ck out.”

Do you think Tyson Fury cheated in the rematch against Deonaty Wilder?


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