Darren Till calls Tyson Fury an “animal” after MMA training session

By Adam Martin - November 10, 2019

Boxing superstar Tyson Fury is no stranger to crossover fights, having just competed in the WWE. Now Fury is training MMA with UFC superstar Darren Till, who says Fury is an “animal” when it comes to mixed martial arts.

Darren Till, Tyson Fury

Fury has been getting called out by UFC heavyweight star Francis Ngannou as of late and apparently he’s getting ready for that possibly challenge inside the Octagon. Fury has been practising his MMA with Till, as the two Brits trained Fury’s muay Thai attack at a recent training session in England.

Check out the video below of Fury working his knees with Till, courtesy of Fury’s Instagram.


“Working some elbows and knees”

In reply to Fury’s message, Till wrote “Animal.

Fury’s knees to the pads were so powerful that he was lifting Till off the canvas. His elbows looked sharp and on point, too.

The question now is, is Fury serious about making the move to MMA? He’s one of boxing biggest stars and one of the highest-paid boxers in the world today. If he came to MMA, he would likely have to take a pay cut, even if he fought in the UFC. He also has no professional MMA experience, so even though he looks good in his training sessions, obviously fighting inside the Octagon is a much different experience, especially if he gets what he wants and fights Ngannou.

At the same time, the UFC has been open to crossover fights in the past. Boxing legend James Toney fought UFC legend Randy Couture back at UFC 118 with minimal MMA experience, and CM Punk fought twice in the UFC despite having no MMA experience at all. So it’s not completely crazy to believe that Fury could potentially try his hand at MMA one day down the road, even though he’d likely have to take a pay cut to do so. In the meantime, he’ll continue to train with his friend Till and wait until his scheduled rematch with rival Devontay Wilder sometime in early 2020.

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