Daniel Cormier sounds off on Raul Rosas Jr. calling to face UFC champion Aljamain Sterling: “That’s youthful ignorance”

By Josh Evanoff - December 14, 2022

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier believes Raul Rosas Jr. is showing his youth by calling out Aljamain Sterling.

‘El Nino Problema’ is fresh off his UFC debut last Saturday night against Jay Perrin. At UFC 282, Rosas Jr. dominated the much more experienced bantamweight in the first round. Near the end of the frame, the prospect picked up the victory by submission.

With that, the 18-year-old made his UFC debut with a bang, and he didn’t stop there. Rosas Jr. has made several headlines over the last few days for his feud with Aljamain Sterling. On The MMA Hour alongside Ariel Helwani, the bantamweight stated he could beat ‘The Funk Master’ right now.

For his part, the bantamweight champion later hit back at the prospect. Sterling also shared a story of grappling Rosas Jr. recently. As the titleholder explained, the pair were supposed to be doing a lighter session, but the prospect was aggressive. Sterling also revealed that Rosas Jr.’s father was secretly recording the grappling session.

In the eyes of UFC commentator Daniel Cormier, the feud and budding rivalry is youthful ignorance. On the DC & RC podcast, the former champion praised Raul Rosas Jr. However, he also warned against a fight against Aljamain Sterling as of now.

Aljamain Sterling

Image Credit: UFC

“I think Rosas Jr. speaks to the UFC promotional machine. When that kid hit the curtain, it got loud,” stated Cormier to co-host Ryan Clark on their podcast. “I couldn’t believe how loud it got. I was like, ‘Wow, he got a pop in his UFC debut as an 18-year-old’, they went crazy in the arena. I think he’s very good.”

He continued, “Yesterday, I heard him do an interview and say he could beat Aljamain Sterling today. Like woah, hey, wait a minute. But again, youthful ignorance right? Youthful ignorance. Because, he believes he could be champion right now.”

“But I do believe in time there’s a lot of potential for Raul Rosas Jr. to be something special in the UFC.”

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