Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones’ recent arrest: “Reminds me why I felt so strong about disliking him”

By Adam Martin - September 29, 2021

UFC analyst Daniel Cormier reacted to Jon Jones’ recent arrest, saying that it “reminds me why I felt so strong about disliking him.”

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Cormier and Jones were bitter rivals for many years and the two fought in a pair of memorable fights in 2015 and 2017, which Jones won both times. However, the second fight was overturned to a No Contest after Jones tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and Cormier has held a grudge against Jones ever since. But since retiring from active competition, Cormier has slowly become more accepting and understanding of his longtime rival. Following his latest arrest, though, Cormier is just at a loss for words.

Speaking on the “DC and RC” podcast, Cormier gave his reaction to the news of Jones’ recent arrest in Las Vegas. Following the release of the details of the arrest, where Jones’ fiancee reportedly had bumps and bruises on her body, Jones is in hot water yet again, and Cormier can’t help but be disappointed once again by Jones’ actions outside of the cage.

“I remember when I saw Jones and his family on the red carpet for the Hall of Fame, I’m so removed from that rivalry that I actually felt happy for him because his little girls aren’t babies anymore. They’re growing up to be beautiful young women and it looked like he had his family with him and he was going to be celebrating, and then he goes out and does something like that to remind me why I felt so strong about disliking him. Because you start hearing these things and it’s awful. It’s actually really awful, and as the details come to light, it’s actually going to be much more terrifying to think of the emotions that are tied to this whole thing,” Cormier said (h/t MMAFighting.com).

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