Daniel Cormier claims Colby Covington “is dealing with some serious injuries” after being “brutally attacked” by Jorge Masvidal

By Harry Kettle - August 5, 2022

UFC legend Daniel Cormier has claimed Colby Covington is dealing with some serious injuries stemming from the Jorge Masvidal attack.

Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal

Back at UFC 272 earlier this year, Colby Covington beat Jorge Masvidal in a five-round decision that, at the time, seemed to settle the feud between them. However, just a few weeks later, Masvidal caught up with Covington in a Miami steakhouse and allegedly assaulted him at the scene.

The story went viral and while some more developments have occurred since then from a legal standpoint, neither Masvidal nor Covington has made it known when they plan on getting back in the cage.

Now, according to Daniel Cormier, it appears as of the injuries sustained by ‘Chaos’ could be more severe than we first realised.

“Colby Covington is dealing with some serious injuries from being brutally attacked on the street by Jorge Masvidal,” Cormier said. “Colby Covington needs to stay away from the public eye and do exactly what he’s doing and while making money? Hats off to Colby Covington.

“To be attacked in that way, viciously, it would be hard to come back and do other things. Colby Covington is doing what he needs to do, relaxing, playing some cards, and making money. So, it’s a good thing.”

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There isn’t going to be a whole lot of sympathy flying around as a result of what we all know Covington is like with his trash talk. However, if this does indeed prove to be true, the welterweight star certainly doesn’t deserve to have his career derailed as a result of Masvidal having his feelings hurt.

What do you think about the Jorge Masvidal/Colby Covington situation? Do you believe that Daniel Cormier is telling the truth about the severity of his injuries? Let us know down in the comments!

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