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Eye witness claims Jorge Masvidal hit Colby Covington 3 or 4 times in the face: “What stood out right away was how he didn’t go down”

Jorge Masvidal apparently got off three or four punches to the face of Colby Covington on Monday night according to an eyewitness.

Covington was out for dinner and drinks last night at Papi Steak restaurant in Miami. Apparently Jorge Masvidal was tipped off on Colby’s location and waited for him to exit the establishment. According to reports, when ‘Chaos’ made his way outside he was attacked by ‘Gamebred’ who had four or five other men with him.

Adam Weiss was an eyewitness to the incident and shared the following account of what he saw take place during a interview with WPLG Local 10:

”One guy clocked him (Colby) three or four times in the face. Amazing that… what stood out was how he didn’t go down (from the punches).”

The Miami Beach police department is currently investigating the incident and felony charges could be placed against Jorge Masvidal if Colby Covington pursues legal action.

Monday night’s physical altercation comes just weeks after Covington and Masvidal collided inside of the Octagon. The former best friends turned bitter rivals headlined UFC 272, with ‘Chaos’ earning a lopsided unanimous decision win.

Fellow pro fighters have had mixed reviews on the incident, with some even justifying Masvidal’s actions.

“Colby Covington’s a ho if he’s trying to press charges on my dog. A fight’s a fight. You just fought him in a cage. If ya’ll still ain’t settled it by then, then shit might have to go again. It might be for free this time.” – Tyron Woodley said on Instagram Live.

Ben Askren shared a much different opinion:

”Imagine having 25 minutes to punch someone as many times as you want legally, but you can’t get it done so you gotta sneak up at the steak house 😂😂 The couple times I got beat up I just thought shit that sucked I should trained harder or employed better tactics. Not let me sneak up and attack him on the street bc I have anger/insecurity issues.“

Ben Askren continued to scold Jorge Masvidal for his actions on Monday night:

“Jorge also talked about my family so he is being a hypocritical terd on top of all else. Suck it up butter cup, you got whipped. It happens sometimes.”


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