Dana White’s Power Slap League accused of falsifying social media engagement

By Harry Kettle - March 13, 2023

Dana White’s Power Slap league has been accused of exaggerating some of their recent social media engagement.

Dana White, Power Slap

Over the course of the last few months, Power Slap has been in the news a fair bit. From health & safety issues to fighter pay problems, it hasn’t been an easy first season for the new promotion.

Dana White, as we know, has been at the helm of Power Slap since the beginning. He saw the practice of slap fighting on social media a while back and since then, he’s been hooked.

This, as we know, eventually led us down the path of PSL. The season finale of the first campaign was supposed to end on pay-per-view but was, in the end, changed to a free streaming service on Rumble.

One of the biggest things that Dana has claimed is that they’ve been doing really good numbers on socials. While that may be true, one reporter found out that a few of the ‘live tweets’ from this past weekend’s broadcast may have been fake.


“Wow the slap delivered by Rivero was crazy!” and “Wow Doryan Perez is a bad man” were two of the tweets in question.

White’s big problem

The boss announced recently that Power Slap has been renewed for two more seasons. This is obviously good news, but it appears to fly directly in the face of what many consider to be the truth.

Power Slap is seen as a fun form of entertainment by some. Others, though, can’t move past the fact that it appears to be incredibly dangerous – even in comparison to mixed martial arts.

What do you think about these tweets and Dana White’s Power Slap project? Have you been tuning in to the broadcasts and will you continue to do so next season? Let us know in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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