Dana White says Brock Lesnar would be a “good introduction” for Jon Jones at heavyweight

By Adam Martin - September 1, 2020

UFC president Dana White says a fight against Brock Lesnar would be a “good introduction” for Jon Jones at heavyweight.

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Reports surfaced this week that Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight champion, is a free agent after his contract with the WWE wrapped up. Already Lesnar has been connected to a return to MMA, with Jones calling for a fight against him, as well as Bellator president Scott Coker admitting interest in a money fight against heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko.

UFC president Dana White also admitted being interested in Lesnar, telling TMZ on Tuesday that he would make the fight against Jones if both guys want to do it. The fight would mark Jones’ debut into the heavyweight division. Speaking to reporters following this week’s edition of the Contender Series, White elaborated on the possibility of a Jones vs. Lesnar matchup.

“Yeah, I mean, obviously I talked to TMZ about that one today, and I was like listen, if they both want to fight each other then I’m sure it’s a fight that the fans would want to see. It would be a good introduction to Jones into the heavyweight division. Yeah, if they wanted to do it, I would do it,” White said.

The UFC president admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Lesnar recently and isn’t sure the nuances of his WWE contract, but White said he would bring him back if he wants to fight.

“He’s 43 years old and he’s got a lot of money. I don’t know what his plans are and how his body feels or any of that. Like I said, I haven’t talked to him. (TMZ) asked me about it because his contract is up and I said if he calls me and he’s interested in fighting, then I would obviously consider making that fight,” White said

“I know nothing (about his contract). I haven’t talked to him. I know nothing about it. TMZ asked me, he’s a free agent, would you make that fight? And I said if they wanted to then I would do it.”

The UFC president also added that Lesnar would have to go through the USADA testing pool and that a fight against Jones would not take place until 2021. However, White seems to be very interested in the fight if both Jones and Lesnar are serious about it.

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