Dana White ridiculed by UFC fans after releasing “F**k it Friday” video

By Susan Cox - January 6, 2023

Dana White is being ridiculed by UFC fans after releasing his latest ‘F**k it Friday’ video.

Dana White, The UFC

It was only earlier this week that the news and video, courtesy of TMZ, surfaced of Dana White slapping his wife Anna at a New Years Eve Party. The couple were at a nightclub in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they were on vacation with family. It appeared that Dana and Anna were arguing when Anna struck her husband and he returned the gesture more than once.

Following the altercation both Whites’ issued statements advising they were working things out and asking for privacy.

UFC President, Dana White took to ‘Twitter‘ today with a video:

“What’s up everybody its F**k it Friday at UFC Headquarters and today we’ll be trying the bologna pie. In a food processor add bologna and mayonnaise, pour it into a pie crust and top it off with mustard. Oh it’s freezing cold too. Oh gross. This is f**king gross.

“Okay here we go – the bologna pie.”

Slapping the table, then taking a bite, Dana summed up the pie saying:

“Its f**king disgusting. It’s as gross as I knew it was going to be. This was a bad idea. The bologna pie.”

Apparently UFC fans failed to see the humour of the video and took to social media to vent their own distaste, a sampling of which can be found below:

“I mean its better slap the table than wife for sure”

“With all this stuff going on with Dana White, you think he still releases a #FuckItFriday this week?”

“Could’ve skipped this week Dana!”

“Probably not as gross as you slapping your wife in public”

“I knew these comments would be riddled with bad slap puns lol. It’s weird who gets cancelled and who doesn’t. Dana definitely has some very powerful friends.”

“Let’s post the bologna pie video, people may take it as his punishment, and people will forget about the incident”

“This doesn’t surprise me at all tbh… He’s gonna act like nothing happened….I thought that he would at least hide out for a month or so, but clearly he’s not even doing that.”

Do you think Dana White should have released a ‘F**k it Friday’ video – or was this too soon? The UFC president certainly seemed to be in good spirits.

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