Dana White reveals the most competitive weight classes in the UFC

Dana White, UFC President, ESPN, UFC on ESPN

UFC president Dana White revealed what he thinks are the most competitive weight classes in the world’s leading MMA promotion.

The UFC has never had the sheer amount of talent as it does right now. The promotion currently boasts eight men’s weight classes and four women’s weight classes, and there are incredible fighters in all of those divisions. Fans and media often discuss what they think the top weight classes in the sport are, and it’s a fun discussion that could lead to a variety of good answers. That’s why it was so interesting to hear what White had to say, considering he’s the UFC president.

When asked by a reporter from RaptorsMMA following UFC Vegas 16 what he believes the UFC’s best weight classes are right now, White pointed out a few divisions in particular.

“The most competitive — listen, (lightweight) is always nasty and tough. The featherweight division is looking good. The bantamweight division is looking awesome. That thing’s all revamped. And you gotta love the middleweight division. I can’t answer your question which one do I think is the toughest,” White said.

It’s definitely a tough question to answer considering every division has an elite fighter in it right now. However, the overall depth of the divisions also plays a factor when you are discussing the most competitive weight classes. There are some weight classes with a few top-end fighters but little depth, but there are other divisions that have both elite talent and a wealth of depth.

Ultimately it probably comes down to a few divisions at the top, including welterweight, lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight. Not surprisingly, these are the divisions with the most overall fighters in the UFC. It was a bit surprising to hear White mention middleweight and omit welterweight, which historically has been a money division for the promotion, but perhaps it was just an oversight.

Do you agree with Dana White about what the best weight classes are?

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