Dana White issues hilarious response when asked about sharing a shoey with UFC 264 winner Tai Tuivasa

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UFC president Dana White issued a hilarious response when he was asked about sharing a shoey with UFC 264 winner Tai Tuivasa.

Tuivasa knocked out Greg Hardy in the first round of their UFC 264 heavyweight bout for his third straight win inside the Octagon. Following the fight, Tuivasa scaled up the Octagon wall and took part in a shoey celebration as he poured a full can of beer in his shoe and then drank it. Tuivasa then walked to the back and as he was going past the fans in the crowd, more of them were giving him their beer and shoes so he could continue doing shoeys. The shoey is Tuivasa’s signature move at this point of his career and is most commonly associated with him as he was the one who brought it into the mainstream.

Talking to the media following UFC 264, White was asked if he would ever do a shoey with Tuivasa, and the UFC president said that he has no interest in ever trying the celebration.

White on sharing a shoey with Tai Tuivasa: “If the world was on fire and everybody was dying of thirst, that’s the last f***** thing I would do.”

The shoey celebration is clearly not White’s cup of tea, and it’s certainly not for everyone. Not only do you have to shotgun a beer, which not everyone can do, but you also have to do it out of a shoe, and we all know how much bacteria is inside someone’s shoe. While Tuivasa hasn’t gotten sick from doing these sorts of celebrations as of yet, White clearly doesn’t trust the shoey celebration, and even though some fans and media would like to see the UFC bossman try it just once, he made it clear he has no interest in doing so.

Do you want to see Dana White do a shoey with Tai Tuivasa?

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