Dan Hardy scolds Dana White for his “unnecessary disrespect” towards Nate Diaz

By Susan Cox - June 24, 2022

Dan Hardy is scolding Dana White for his ‘unnecessary disrespect’ towards Nate Diaz.

Dan Hardy

It was UFC President, Dana White who recently reacted to Nate Diaz once again requesting his release from the UFC. White pointed out that Diaz has won only one of his last several fights, suggesting perhaps it is time for Californian welterweight to move on.

Dan Hardy, not a fan of White’s disrespectful comments towards Diaz, spoke with ‘Submission Radio’ saying (h/t MMANews):

“This is the whole reason why there’s a class action lawsuit against the UFC. People don’t have any freedom, they don’t have any control over their career. Think about this, every single fighter on the UFC roster and everybody that’s considering signing with the UFC, they need to really contemplate this, if Nate Diaz can be disrespected to the media by the promoter the way that he has been, they don’t care about anybody.”

“That’s the sad reality of it. Like, if Nate wants his release, he should get his release. He’s had enough stitches, he’s made enough money for the organization. Let him go. And if that means him going and making a bunch of money or fighting Jake Paul, then so be it, even better. If the UFC have not got their hands in his pockets, I just… I don’t know.”

Continuing, Dan Hardy said:

“Like, when I woke up the other day and I saw the thing about him winning one fight in five years and maybe the best person to fight is Jake Paul, it’s just unnecessary disrespect. It’s one thing when you get fighters disrespect one another, because that’s kind of a part of the business, but when the promoter starts shitting on people like that, and someone like Nate Diaz, who’s a cult icon, like, it just looks bad.”

Finishing ‘The Outlaw’ continued to discuss Nate Diaz and how he deserves respect from the likes of Dana White saying:

“I don’t think it’s good for anybody. And I think Nate deserves a lot of respect for who he is, and the character and the fun that he brings to the sport. I mean, I didn’t think for a second that he was gonna beat Masvidal, but that fight week was bouncing. It was great to be a there. It was a different thing.”

“It always is when a Nate Diaz fight’s happening. He’s one of the superheroes of the sport, and he deserves respect and he also deserves a pocket full of cash. Same as most of these guys do.”

Diaz does indeed have one final fight left on his UFC contract, and has been asking for months to have the fight scheduled. If Dana White and the UFC won’t schedule a fight for Nate, he’s asking that he be released so he can pursue other options.

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