Dan Hardy says Herb Dean “makes a mistake almost on a weekly basis”

By Cole Shelton - March 25, 2021

Dan Hardy doesn’t understand why Herb Dean is considered the gold standard of MMA referees.

Dan Hardy

Dean is often the man in charge of UFC main events, however, Hardy believes he is constantly making mistakes. The two haven’t gotten along since their Fight Island incident last summer where Hardy was seen yelling to stop the fight when Francisco Trinaldo was landing heavy punches against Jai Herbert.

After the fight, Dean then approached Dan Hardy for yelling at him to stop the fight. The incident was one the UFC wasn’t a fan of, and since then, Hardy was let go from his commentating duties with the UFC. Although Hardy knows everyone makes mistakes, he believes Dean makes more than most refs.

“So, I’m the ‘stop the fight’ guy. I don’t know if I can swear on your show, but f*ck it, I don’t care, because I’m speaking out for something that’s important,” Hardy said on Submission Radio (via BloodyElbow). “And it’s like this weird misinformation that’s happened about it, where I’m like there picking a fight for some kind of personal benefit. It’s just f*cking nonsense. Like, what a stupid thing to say.

“Like, I don’t really know Jai Herbert. I know him as well as I know Trinaldo,” Hardy said. “It doesn’t matter if the situation was reversed, it’d be the same situation. And it’s not about Herb, but like, generally we have mistakes made consistently in the sport…

“I mean, you can see now I can speak, so I can say exactly what I like, I don’t get it,” Hardy continued. “Like, he’s working the majority of the events in Las Vegas, he’s considered the gold standard of the sport, but he makes a mistake almost on a weekly basis at this point. Like, who’s gonna call him out on it? I’ll do it. I don’t care.”

As of right now, Herb Dean has not responded to these comments and it’s unlikely he will. However, it is interesting to see Hardy call him out for making so many mistakes.

What do you make of Dan Hardy calling Herb Dean out?

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