Dan Hardy reveals he was paid $24k for title fight with Georges St-Pierre: “GSP spent five times what I got paid on his training camp”

By Chris Taylor - March 27, 2021

Dan Hardy recently revealed that he was paid just a tiny fraction of the money Georges St-Pierre collected for their welterweight title fight at UFC 111.

Georges St-Pierre, Dan Hardy

Hardy (25-10 MMA) challenged St-Pierre (26-2 MMA) for the promotions welterweight crown in March of 2010, but wound up falling short in his effort to dethrone the longtime division kingpin.

During a recent interview with The British Entrepreneur, Hardy was asked if the money made by a fighter with an average MMA career translated into enough finances to live and perhaps invest for the future.

“It’s often times, even at low level or even UFC level enough to live on,” Hardy revealed. “Realistically, people see the purse and they think ‘Oh that is a big chunk of cash’ that is going straight into that persons bank account and that they are living pretty for a few months. But, they don’t take into account that there is 10 percent for a manager. You know, 10 to 20 percent for coaches. Plus you have all the expenses and taxes. You know, sometimes you have to buy more flights for your team. You get to the event and you have to buy more hotel rooms for them and that kind of stuff.”

Dan Hardy continued and brought up his aforementioned title fight with Georges St-Pierre:

“I mean as an idea, and I was never any good at negotiating contracts. I never asked for more money. Because I just wasn’t really interested in it and that was my mistake at the time I think. But, so I fought GSP for twenty-four thousand dollars. So the money I put in my bank account after that fight had happened was five thousand four hundred dollars. And that was a world title fight from 10-11 years ago.”

Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy then revealed the staggering difference in the pay he received compared to Georges St-Pierre.

“But, the thing is he got four or five million because he was on pay-per-view points, as well as his purse. I mean, you know we’ve had this conversation. I’ve trained with GSP. He spent five times what I got paid on his training camp.”

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