CTE expert Dr. Bennet Omalu speaks out against Dana White’s “primitive” Power Slap League: “It is very dumb”

By Harry Kettle - February 10, 2023

CTE expert Dr. Bennet Omalu has lashed out at UFC president Dana White over the dangers of his Power Slap league.

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While the numbers have been good, Dana White’s Power Slap league has generated a lot of controversy. Between the low pay and known health concerns, it’s understandable to see why there’s been so much pessimism surrounding it.

While the boss has ensured that safety measures will improve, many aren’t so sure. In fact, some have called for it to be cancelled altogether.

One of the biggest sources of concern has been the possibility of the slappers developing CTE. As we know, CTE is an injury many fighters have posthumously been diagnosed to have had.

In a recent interview, the aforementioned Omalu spoke out on this.

“It is a very dumb, very stupid and unsafe. It is primitive,” Omalu said. “To me, such a sport is inconsistent with the intelligence of humans. It is possible that a participant could die from this. Somebody could die or suffer catastrophic brain damage and become a vegetable. How can he [Dana White] make that statement? It is like saying you will make a loaded gun safe. I do not blame the organizers so much, everybody wants to make a buck or easy money. But I feel the competitors have so much stupidity. It is silly, given what we know about concussion and blunt force trauma to the head. Why is TBS showing such a primitive sport? It should not be on TV.”

Quotes via MMA News

Pressure grows on White

It’s clear to see that the pressure is growing on Dana White. Alas, if Power Slap keeps performing well from a financial standpoint, we don’t think he’s going to care all too much.

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