Conor McGregor takes a shot at Nate Diaz’s “piss” boxing skills, says Nick Diaz is on “another level”

By Adam Martin - September 26, 2021

UFC superstar Conor McGregor took a shot at Nate Diaz’s “piss” boxing skills, saying that his brother Nick Diaz is on “another level.”

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McGregor evidently watched UFC 266 as Nick Diaz took on Robbie Lawler in a grudge match rematch 17 years in the making. Although Diaz ended up losing via third-round TKO, he did display his trademark boxing skills during the contest, as he landed 150 significant strikes on Lawler during the two-plus that the fight went. It seems as though McGregor noticed the work that Diaz did with his hands in the loss. Taking to his social media the day after UFC 266, McGregor praised Nick Diaz for his boxing skills while criticizing Nate Diaz for his. As far as McGregor goes, the older Diaz brother has far better boxing skills. The Irishman also used his tweet as an opportunity to tell the younger Diaz he “made” him.

McGregor: Nate your boxing is piss compare to nicks. We been fed garbage with your sloppy shots the last few years. Can see the clear difference between the two brothers after last night. Balance, composure. Another level the big bro is on to you. I made you.

It seems like McGregor is continuing to plant the seeds for future fights with either Diaz brother. McGregor has, of course, fought Nate twice, going 1-1 through their two fights. There has always been chatter about a potential trilogy fight between these two rivals, although it hasn’t happened yet. As for Nick, McGregor has spoken highly of him in the past, suggesting that Nick’s boxing skills and durability make him a special fighter. Even though Nick Diaz lost at UFC 266, McGregor has a ton of respect for him, and he used his respect for Nick as a way to take further shots at his disdain for Nate.

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