Conor McGregor responds after MJF dubs Paddy Pimblett a “dollar store” version of himself: “A dollar store Conor is still worth millions!”

By Cole Shelton - November 24, 2022

Conor McGregor has responded after AEW world champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman took shots at Paddy Pimblett.


Pimblett is one of the newest stars in the UFC and him and MJF took shots at one another over Instagram comments. It caught many by surprise but one of MJF’s digs was calling Pimblett a dollar store McGregor.

Pimblett: “@the_mjf I do have knowledge about MMA tho don’t I? Which u have zero knowledge about so let’s not go there. if u wanna have a real fight let’s sort it with the @ufc if not pipe down! Oh tell ur boss to sign me up when yous come to Fulham’s ground I be ready son.”

MJF: @theufcbaddy hey bud. @aew has a show coming up in your neck of the woods. If you’re man enough I’ll gladly show you how real I am. @tonyrkhan @danawhite.”

Pimblett: @the_mjf I’ve just said that u spaceman. don’t as if ur calling for it I’ve just told u straight when yous come Fulham’s ground (caven cottage) get ur boss @tonyrkhan to message my boss @danawhite and see what we can sort. because I know full well you won’t pass a USADA drug test to fight in the @ufc.”

MJF: @theufcbaddy unlike you I’m 100% natural and I’m also 100% original. Unlike you. You’re dollar store Conor McGregor talking, Will from stranger things looking ass wouldn’t last two seconds in my world. #Betterthanyou. See you in London.”

After seeing the interaction, Conor McGregor took to social media to blast MJF as he claimed he didn’t even know who he was. He also backed Paddy Pimblett up.

“A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is,” McGregor tweeted.

To no surprise, MJF then responded to McGregor and said after he beats Pimblett he would be happy to beat the Irishman up after. He also accused McGregor of taking steroids.

I’ll fuck the Conor clone up. Then I’ll wipe my ass with the original. Stay in your lane you roided up leprechaun. You can’t hang with the @AEW World Champion. #Betterthanyou,” MJF responded.

As of right now, it seems unlikely that anything will happen between MJF and Paddy Pimblett, and Conor McGregor.

What do you make of Conor McGregor taking a shot at MJF?

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