Conor McGregor believes Michael Chandler hasn’t fought anyone like him, plans to be active once he returns: “I hope for 100 more fights”

By Cole Shelton - March 14, 2023

Conor McGregor is hoping to remain active once he returns from his broken leg.

Conor McGregor

Ever since McGregor boxed Floyd Mayweather, the Irishman hasn’t been as active as he wanted to be for a variety of reasons. Yet, he is set to return later this year against Michael Chandler after the two coach TUF. When the two do fight, McGregor is confident he will be too skilled and slick for him, in large part because he thinks Chandler has never fought anyone like him.

“For Chandler, I’m just too slick for him, I’m too skilled for him. He’s not fought someone like me, I’ve fought someone like him though,” McGregor said to Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement. “Just in general, it’s the mixed martial arts style, the short wrestler. It’s just kind of MMA, isn’t it? Throughout the years, so it’s not like anything peculiar, unsure of. I’ve fought against that style many, many years. Michael was with a smaller promotion and then worked his way up. He had some excellent fights and he earned his right to be in this position. But, it will be my job now on fight night to show the levels and show there is a much higher difference in skill and I’m excited to get going.”

If Conor McGregor does beat Michael Chandler as he expects, the Irishman is hopeful to remain active. He says he feels his best when he fights consistently and he hopes he can string together a ton of fights in a row as he knows there are a lot of fun fights for him.

“I hope for 100 fights, I hope for 100 more fights. I hope for consistency, I’m working for consistency. I’ve been getting this on off on off nonsense for too long. It’s via fight politics, via injuries, via just life, it does happen, it’s God’s plan it’s all God,” McGregor said. “I accept and understand it but I’m hopeful that I can get a nice consecutive run of bouts. I’ve got a lot of exciting fights, I’ve got some rivalries, you got guys on the climb, you’ve got guys potentially in other divisions that are supposed to be the best in this and that. There are loads of bouts I could have and I’m excited for every single one of them. That’s it, please God let’s make it happen.”

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