Colby Covington ready to “play ball” with UFC as contract nears conclusion

Colby Covington, Jon Jones

Polarizing UFC welterweight star Colby Covington has just two fights remaining on his current UFC contract.

While we’ve seen many fighters part ways with the UFC over the years, Covington is eager to stay with the promotion, as he believes UFC championships are taken more seriously than championships in other promotions.

“I want to be a UFC fighter,” Covington said on Submission Radio recently. “I love being a UFC fighter. Everybody knows this is the pinnacle of the sport, this is the mecca, the UFC. And being in the UFC, I can prove truly I’m the greatest welterweight in the world. If I go somewhere else and win a title, people aren’t gonna give me the credit. I mean, I don’t get the credit as it is anyways. Everybody wants to downplay everything I’ve done and act like I’ve never done anything because they’re just all so in their feelings and these are just liberal cucks, but at the end of the day, I’m here to be the greatest in the world and I’m gonna fight the greatest in the world.

“I’m not scared like Judas Masvidal,” Covington added. “I’m not running from the hard fights, I’m looking for the hardest fights. I’m looking for the challenges of the people that think they can beat me. So, I wanna be in the UFC forever. I would love to retire in the UFC, be in the Hall of Fame, do the whole spiel.”

While Covington hopes to ink a new deal with the UFC, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that he’s publicly butted heads with the promotion’s decision-makers—most notably Dana White—in the past.

Despite his previous issues with White, he says he’s ready to sit down and “play ball” when the time comes.

“Of course me and UFC have had a tumultuous relationship, but it can be fixed easily,” Covington said. “I’m ready to play ball. All they have to do is give me the ball and all I’m gonna do is go in and score a touchdown.”

Do you think Colby Covington will re-sign with the UFC?

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