Brendan Schaub slams Dana White for not putting the UFC belt on Francis Ngannou: “You can’t even fathom who you’re f*cking with”

By Christopher Taylor - February 1, 2022

Brendan Schaub has sent a warning to Dana White suggesting the UFC boss think twice before feuding with Francis Ngannou.

Dana White, Brendan Schaub

Ngannou (17-3 MMA) successfully defended his heavyweight title at last month’s UFC 270 event, scoring a unanimous decision victory over former training partner Ciryl Gane (10-1 MMA).

Following his gritty performance, ‘The Predator’ was presented the UFC heavyweight title by Mick Maynard, not Dana White. That move definitely did not go unnoticed, as many fans and pundits took to social media with questions and comments.

Francis Ngannou, Dana White

Ngannou is of course embroiled in a very public contract dispute with Dana White and the UFC. The heavyweight champion has made it clear that he has no intentions of fighting again on his current agreement.

Former heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub shared the following assessment of the ongoing feud between White and Ngannou.

“One of the best performances of all time,” Schaub said of Ngannou’s effort at UFC 270. “When you think of all the things (injuries) going against him. The company going against him. Dana (White) not putting the belt around his waist. Just my hats off to him. I told him on Food Truck how proud of him I am. I just, I f*ck with him man, I do. I really do. I love him, his team and his agent. What he is trying to do and accomplish for his client, man, he’s taking a lot of heat for it.”

Brendan Schaub continued:

“I think there is a huge pot of gold at the end of this shitty shitty rainbow for them. But it is there man. It is there in Tyson Fury. That is happening. I guarantee my last bottom dollar that is happening (with or without UFC). But I want that to happen with the UFC. Because there is no better partner and marketing machine than the UFC. So I hope it happens.

I think there’s egos in all of this, which there shouldn’t be when you’re talking about a man’s career. Remember Francis is represented by CAA, Creative Artist Agency. And Dana White and the UFC is owned by WME. You’re talking about the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Socks. And they have to come together on common ground and figure it out.”

As for Dana White not putting the belt on Francis Ngannou at UFC 270, Brendan Schaub offered the following comments.

“I don’t think (the UFC and White) realize what they’re dealing with. You’re talking about a complete f*cking outlier, with the mental strength of a f*cking special forces soldier that’s gone through sh*t you couldn’t even imagine. Dana, you can’t even f*cking fathom who you’re f*cking with. Oh, and on top of that mental strength, he has the body of a f*cking X-Men, and he’s the hardest hitter to ever walk through that god damn cage. You wanna break that guy? You think you can disrespect that guy and not put the belt on him? Are you out of your God damn mind?”

Check out the entire ‘The Schaub Show’ Episode 271 below:

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