Anthony Smith explains why Conor McGregor has become “the outsider” among MMA fighters

Anthony Smith, UFC Vegas 8
Image via @lionheartasmith on Instagram

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith explained why Conor McGregor has become “the outsider” amongst his fellow MMA fighters.

Smith and McGregor have taken some shots at each other over the past several months, including McGregor recently criticizing Smith’s analysis on the UFC post-fight desk. If you ask Smith, though, McGregor isn’t actually trying to take shots at his fellow fighters to try and get under their skin. Instead, Smith thinks McGregor is just trying to fit in with his fellow fighters, but his peers have no interest in letting him back into their world.

Speaking on SiriusXM Radio’s Fight Nation podcast, Smith shared his honest thoughts on what is going on with McGregor, and why his fellow fighters can resent him.

“I think sometimes, it’s less about him trying to get a headline, it’s less about him wanting to take shots at people and be that guy. I think that it eats him alive that he’s never going to be one of the guys again. He’ll never fit in in our group. He’s not one of our peers anymore. It’s not because we kicked him out and didn’t want him – it’s the total opposite,” Smith said (via “We wanted Conor to be one of us. He alienated all of us and now he wants back in and we’re not going to let him in because he sh*t on every single one of us. It’s the comments he makes. That’s just his opportunity to try to – he wants the whole world to think that he’s the cool guy and we’re not, when in all reality, in our private situations and in our small world, he’s the outsider. He’s the one that no one’s letting back in.”

Do you agree with what Anthony Smith said about Conor McGregor?

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