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Anderson Silva tells Chael Sonnen he’s serious about a superfight with Conor McGregor

UFC legend Anderson Silva sent a video to former rival Chael Sonnen where he once again expressed how serious he is about a superfight with Conor McGregor.

Silva shocked the MMA community recently when he called McGregor out for a catchweight superfight. Considering McGregor has fought the majority of his career at 145lbs and 155lbs and Silva has fought mainly at 185lbs and as high as 205lbs, most fans raised an eyebrow when they saw the callout. But Silva said he wanted to fight at a catchweight at 176lbs, which he believes is marketable, and McGregor has been fighting recently at 170lbs. So perhaps the callout isn’t as crazy as it seemed at first glance.

In a video that Silva recorded and sent to Sonnen for his YouTube channel, the long-time UFC middleweight champion told Sonnen how bad he wants the McGregor fight.

“Hey what’s up Chael? How are you buddy? So I talked about my superfight with Conor, and I start to cut my weight. And for no excuse and for everybody talking about, ‘Oh but Anderson don’t take the weight and blah blah blah.’ Ok, I start training and I’m ready for that. Conor ready too. And it’s a one thing, just Dana White, I need to make this fight real. Let’s go see,” Silva said.

Sonnen commented that Silva looked to be slimmed down in the video, guessing that “The Spider” weighed between 187lbs and 189lbs. Sonnen believes that Silva is very serious about the McGregor superfight and he thinks that ultimately it will be up to the fans to make it happen. Sonnen believes that if enough fans pressure UFC president Dana White he will grant Silva his wish and book the fight. At this point, though, it’s just fantasy.

Do you think the UFC will make the Anderson Silva vs. Conor McGregor fight a reality?

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