Aljamain Sterling slams “cheater” TJ Dillashaw, suggests he could have found a way to dope during layoff

Aljamain Sterling
Image via @ufc on Instagram

UFC bantamweight Aljamain Sterling slammed “cheater” TJ Dillashaw, suggesting that he could have found a way to dope during his long layoff.

In January 2019, Dillashaw failed a drug test for EPO and was suspended for two years. He also lost the UFC bantamweight title in the process. After two long years away from the Octagon, Dillashaw is now ready to resume his MMA career next month. The former two-time UFC bantamweight champion does not have his next opponent booked yet, but after speaking with ESPN during a Thursday interview, it’s clear that he has his sights set high.

Dillashaw is hoping to get right back into title contention, and during the interview, he criticized current champ Petr Yan and former champ Henry Cejudo for essentially being placeholders during his two years away from the game. Sterling saw Dillashaw’s comments and he doesn’t agree with them. Talking to his social media, Sterling slammed Dillashaw on Twitter for his comments, suggesting he found a workaround to dope during his time off.

Sterling: Henry…the REAL competition was going to put Triple Chump “the messenger” in the paper shredder where it belonged. Neither you, or Paper Yan were ever champs in my eyes. And TJ’s been a cheater since his Dodson KO. The entire Alpha Male roster knows this! The truth sucks, I know

When you cheat your entire . @UFC career, and comfortably sit out for 2 years, with MILLIONS you won from cheating, I think two things! . @TJDillashaw is: 1) In need of another paycheck and ready to take a sauce-less asskicking for it. 2) He discovered another work around in 2yrs

Is MMA the only sport where cheaters get rewarded, after time served?? Seriously wondering about this. Imagine going to jail for a assaulting someone, doing x years, coming out, and the warden hooks you up with a chance to make half a milly+ as soon as you walk out. Wow.

Sterling certainly has a point here. While Dillashaw technically didn’t lose his belt with a loss inside the Octagon, the fact is he cheated and he even admitted to it. It’s also true that Dillashaw has served his time and he’s a big star for the UFC, so of course, he’s going to come back to a big fight. But seeing Dillashaw trash clean champions like Yan and Cejudo irked Sterling enough that he had to step in and give his two cents on the subject.

Would you like to see Aljamain Sterling settle the score with TJ Dillashaw in a fight?

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