Ali Abdelaziz calls Conor McGregor “a jealous prostitute”

By Adam Martin - April 8, 2020

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz called UFC superstar Conor McGregor “a jealous prostitute” for the recent comments he made about Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Ali Abdelaziz

McGregor has been at the forefront of MMA’s battle against the coronavirus, posting updates on the regular about what’s going on in his native Ireland and instructing fans to stay vigilant and continue to wash their hands. However, McGregor was labeled a hypocrite for his recent comments about Nurmagomedov not wanting to fight Tony Ferguson, and now Nurmagomedov’s manager Abdelaziz has come after him for those remarks.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Abdelaziz ripped into the UFC superstar for what he said about Nurmagomedov.

“You’re telling everybody to stay home, now Khabib, the government of Russia says he can’t travel, you’re going to call him a chicken? (Conor) doesn’t matter,” Abdelaziz said.

“(Conor is not) #1, he’s not #2, he’s not #3. It’s Khabib, Justin, Tony. (Conor is) #4. He’s not even in the conversation right now. He’s just like a jealous prostitute, she’s got too old for her to make money.”

Abdelaziz went so far as to say that McGregor was being “fake” for the way he went after Nurmagomedov while at the same time telling fans to stay home and practice social distancing.

“It’s crazy because this guy has been telling people to stay home, don’t come outside, he’s donating millions of dollars, which now we know this sh*t is all fake,” Abdelaziz said.

For McGregor, the loss of Nurmagomedov from the title fight led to the UFC creating an interim title bout between Ferguson and Justin Gaethje for UFC 249. That means that McGregor is going to have to wait a lot longer to fight for the lightweight belt, and clearly that’s not something that’s made him thrilled, which could be a reason why he went off on Nurmagomedov.

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