After Jon Jones case, Lyoto Machida says USADA has lost credibility

By Cole Shelton - April 8, 2019

The UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have been under criticism for how they handled Jon Jones’ case ahead of his return at UFC 232.

Lyoto Machida

USADA did not suspend Jones after the current light heavyweight champion was flagged in a pre-fight drug test. Rather, they said the positive test was due to a long-term metabolite that was still “pulsing” in his system from a few years back.

Since then, fighters and fans alike have given their thoughts on the situation. And now, former UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida says it’s hard to discuss how USADA handled the case.

”I don’t like to judge anyone. Maybe what USADA is saying really did happen and there’s this contamination from the past,” Machida told MMA Fighting. “But, like, when it’s a game of interests, we have questions and never really know what’s going on, what’s the goal behind all this, and USADA’s intentions and UFC’s intentions. Because of that, I prefer to remain in silence and not weigh in on this because I’m more focused on Bellator now.”

Although Machida says it is hard to discuss the case, he knows for a fact the controversy surrounding it hurts USADA’s credibility.

”When I saw different results, different substances and different penalties, man… To me, as a person, it lost credibility,” Machida said. “For me, not being part of USADA… You can’t understand the joy I have. Not having that daily stress… You could be doing everything by the book, but there was always this stress.”

“What I’ve been hearing is that it takes a bit of their credibility away. Double standards,” he later added. “We can see that like every other (entity) it has flaws, too, flaws that we can’t say are intentional, if they are intended to protect (someone), or if it’s just flaws in the system, in the process, but it does have flaws.”

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