UFC Moscow Results: Shamil Abdurakhimov defeats Andrei Arlovski (Highlights)

A heavyweight bout between former division champion Andrei Arlovski and Shamil Abdurakhimov took place on today’s UFC Fight Night 136 main card from Moscow, Russia.

Andrei Arlovski was last seen in action at June’s UFC 225 event where he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Tai Tuivasa.

Prior to the setback, “The Pitbull” was coming off back-to-back decision victories over Stefan Struve and Junior Albini.

Meanwhile, Shamil Abdurakhimov most recently competed at November’s UFC event in Shanghai where he scored a first-round knockout victory over Chase Sherman.

Round one begins and the fighters clinch up early and exchange some strikes. Abdurakhimov scores a trip but decides to let Arlovski back up. Andrei takes the center of the octagon. He fires off a low kick but Shamil catches it and takes him down to the canvas. Shamil is looking to get off some strikes from top positon but Arlovski is doing a good job of nullifying his offense. Just over two minutes remain in the opening round. Shamil with a shot to the body and then to the head. The referee steps in and stands the fighters up. Andrei Arlovski throws a head kick that just misses the mark. He lands a big inside low kick that causes Shamil to hit the floor. Abdurakhimov is back up to his feet and comes forward with a combination. Arlovski avoids and then takes the center of the octagon. Andrei with a nice short right hand. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Arlovski lands a knee to the groin that forces an immediate break in the action. Shamil recovers and we restart. Abdurakhimov shoots in and scores an easy takedown. He pushes Arlovski towards the fence and begins working some ground and pound. The referee is already telling Shamil he needs to see more action. Andrei Arlovski is fighting hard to get back to his feet. He eats a number of punches but manages to stand back up. Arlovski pressing forward now. He needs to do something to turn the tide here. He scores a trip and gets Shamil down to the floor. That doesn’t last long however as Abdurakhimov quickly scrambles back up to his feet. The fighters battle in the clinch before Andrei Arlovski is able to score another trip takedown. This time he lands a couple of shots from top position before the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Andrei Arlovski comes forward with a wild right hand that misses. Shamil uses that forward pressure to clinch up and land a body shot. The fighters break and Arlovski circles out. He comes forward and once again goes for the clinch. This time Shamil shakes him off and we are back to standing. Shamil accidently pokes Andrei in the eye and we are forced to take a break. After a short recovery period we are back at it and the fighters immediately clinch up. A couple of short strikes later and the fighters break. This fight hangs in the balance, one of these men has to do something. Shamil comes forward with a left hand and then clinches up. A knee from the clinch lands low on Arlovski and once again we are forced to break. Andrei recovers and we restart. Arlovski with a pair of good shots. Shamil goes to the body with a jab. Andrei leaps in with a combination but misses badly. Ten seconds remain. Arlovski leaps in with a final flurry and the horn sounds shortly after to end the fight.

Abdurakhimov defeats Arlovski via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)