UFC 209 Results: Alistair Overeem KO’s Mark Hunt (Highlights)

Alistair Overeem

A key heavyweight bout between former title challengers Alistair Overeem and Mark Hunt took place on tonight’s UFC 209 main card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Hunt lands a massive leg kick to start. He presses forward and misses with a left hand but connects with another leg kick. Overeem returns fire with a leg kick of his own. Hunt is bleeding badly from his shin. Alistair circles and lands a left hand. Hunt presses forward and lands a right. Overeem connects with a front kick and then a leg kick. Hunt absorbs the kicks and continues to press forward. Hunt responds with a nasty kick to the body. The fighters clinch but Hunt quickly breaks free. Alistair throws another front kick to the body followed by a leg kick. Alistair circles and lands a right. Hunt fires back with a leg kick and then a right that connects. Overeem circles and then lands a leg kick. Hunt partially lands a counter right. Overeem with a leg kick but Hunt quickly responds with a hard body kick. Overeem moves to his right and then pushes forward with a jab and then a low kick. Hunt chases after him and presses him against the fence. He lands a pair of hard shots before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and the fighters touch gloves. Overeem lands a front kick to the body to start. He scores with a spinning back kick. Hunt presses forward but eats a left and then another leg kick. Mark continues to press forward but misses with an attempted right hand. Overeem with a side kick to the front leg of Hunt. Mark is bleeding out of his nose now. Overeem with another solid low kick. He presses Mark against the cage and lands a pair of brutal knees inside. Another good knee from Overeem and then Hunt is able to break free. Mark lands a big elbow that wobbles Alistair. Hunt with a right. Overeem grabs a hold of the clinch and presses him against the cage. Alistair with a big elbow and then a violent knee to the body of Hunt. More knees from Overeem here. Hunt connects with an elbow that once again wobbles Overeem. Alistair continues to press Mark against the cage and lands a knee. More punches and elbows from Hunt before the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Hunt misses with a left hook to start. Alistair throws a left of his own and then retreats. He connects with a nice right hand to the jaw of Hunt. Mark replies with an uppercut and the Alistair lands a low kick. Hunt charges after Overeem and Alistair literally turns and runs away. Overeem decides to reengage and presses Hunt against the fence. He lands a left and then a massive knee and Mark Hunt is out cold. WOW!

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