UFC 209 Results: Marcin Tybura TKO’s Luis Henrique (Highlights)

Marcin Tybura

A scrap between Marcin Tybura and Luis Henrique served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 209 prelims in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Marcin presses forward with a front kick to the body. Luis circles and then charges forward in search of a takedown. He presses Tybura against the cage and begins working some uppercuts. Marcin returns fire with a knee. Henrique continues to press Tybura against the cage. After a stall in the action, referee Herb Dean steps in to separate the big men. Marcin lands a hard kick following the break. Luis shoots in a presses Tybura against the cage. Marcin is able to switch the position and then score a takedown. He immediately begins raining down some shot on Henrique. Marcin moves to half guard and works some short shots. Henrique is doing his best to get back up but eats some big shots for his efforts. Luis eventually gets back to standing and then quickly scores a trip takedown on Tybura. Marcin is able to get back to his feet very quickly and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Tybura misses on a high kick and then fires off a knee. Henrique grabs that and presses Marcin on the cage. Henrique battles hard and finally earns a takedown. Tybura works himself back to the feet, but Henrique controls his neck. Henrique with some knees inside. He’s not doing much damage, but he’s got Tybura stuck. Still, the referee is forced to eventually step in. Tybura with a quick right hand. Henrique pressed forward for the clinch. They trade a few punches and knees, but there’s till noting there, and Dean starts them again. Big punches traded on the restart, but Henrique again clinches and round two comes to an end.

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Round three begins and Tybura lands a front kick and then a right hand to start He charges forward but that allows Henrique to engage him in the clinch. Marcin lands some hard elbows and short uppercuts from the position before Herb Dean once again steps in to separate the fighters. The break is short lived as Marcin presses forward and once again engages Henrique in the clinch. Henrqique locks up a guillotine choke but cannot finish the submission. Marcin is able to scramble and then take the back of Henrique. He moves to mount and begins working some solid ground and pound. This fight is close to being stopped. More shots from the top and finally the referee steps in to stop the action.

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