TUF 25 Finale Results: Angela Hill defeats Ashley Yoder (Highlights)

TUF 25 Finale Results: Angela Hill vs. Ashley Yoder

A women’s strawweight scrap between Angela Hill and Ashley Yoder served as the featured bout of tonight’s TUF 25 Finale prelims.

Round one begins and Yoder immediately gets to work with some kicks. She moves forward and grabs a hold of Angela in the clinch. Ashley presses Hill against the cage and gets a takedown. Hill immediately scrambles and gets back to her feet. Yoder is still on Hill looking to secure an armbar. She gives up on that and we are back to standing. Hill loads up with some big shots but nothing finds a home. Yoder circles but Hill is pressing the action and gets inside to land a couple of shots. Yoder backs up into the fence and Hill throws a head kick that lands flush. Yoder eats the hard strike and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Yoder is able to secure an early takedown. She immediately moves for a guillotine choke but Angela is able to fight off the attempted submission. Yoder is working from half guard now. Hill is able to scramble back to full guard. Yoder postures up which allows Hill to kick her back and then scramble to her feet. Yoder rushes Angela but Hill reverses her and winds up in top position. Nice work from Hill there. Angela opts to let Ashley back up to her feet. Hill lands a nice head kick right away in the stand-up. She circles and then comes forward with a right hand that finds a home. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Yoder dives forward for a single leg. Hill is able to escape the takedown attempt and finds her way on to Yoder’s back. They stand back up and Yoder once again shoots in. This time she is able to secure the takedown. Hill quickly scrambles and gets back up to her feet. She has done an excellent job getting back up after being taken down. Angela circles and then shoots in a scores a takedown of her own. She begins working from the full guard of Yoder. Ashley is back up to her feet but Angela greets her with a right hand. Hill with a decent combination. She has struggled putting together punches in this fight. Yoder rushes in but can’t score the late takedown. The horn sounds and this fight has come to an end.

Angela Hill def. Ashley Yoder (30-27 x3)

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