UFC heavyweight contender says fight fans need to forget about a Jon Jones vs. Sergei Pavlovich matchup: “There’s no chance”

By Harry Kettle - May 3, 2023

UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall has explained why he doesn’t think fight fans should get excited about a Jon Jones vs Sergei Pavlovich showdown.

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Right now, Jon Jones is the king of the world at heavyweight. He won the belt against Ciryl Gane, with the expectation being that he’ll take on Stipe Miocic later this year.

Following that, however, nobody really knows what his future will hold. He’s already said that taking on Stipe is one of his biggest goals, and with Ngannou not coming back anytime soon, there may not be a lot left for him.

Of course, Sergei Pavlovich would disagree.

The Russian sensation has been on an absolute tear as of late. Following his win over Curtis Blaydes, he also made it known that he wants a title shot.

In the eyes of Tom Aspinall, though, that probably isn’t going to happen.

“I’ve been saying this for ages,” Aspinall said. “I was like, ‘Look, he’s going to go up there, he’ll have one fight, fight Stipe, and then retire.’ Everyone says, ‘He signed an eight-fight deal or whatever, a six-fight deal, and he’s put all this weight on.’ I’m like, there’s no chance.

Aspinall questions Jones’ future

“The guy doesn’t have to be fighting someone like me or someone like Pavlovich or someone like that. He’s not gonna want to take on young contenders anymore. And fair play to him. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t have to. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody. The guy’s done everything. I always thought from the beginning, maybe he’ll come up, have one or two fights, and then leave it at that. I’m sure that’s what he’s gonna do.”

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