Tim Sylvia reveals the UFC offered him a contract to fight Daniel Cormier but Dana White nixed the deal: “They were sh**ty bosses”

By Harry Kettle - July 3, 2023

UFC heavyweight Tim Sylvia has revealed that the UFC once offered him a contract to fight Daniel Cormier in the promotion.

Tim Sylvia, Dana White

When you speak of iconic UFC heavyweights, you need to speak of Tim Sylvia. He’s a true veteran of the game, a former UFC heavyweight champion, and someone who fought the best of the best. These days, he can be found in slap fighting as he pursues a new venture in combat sports.


It’s crucial that we don’t forget the legends of years gone by and what they brought to the game. While Sylvia’s career wasn’t perfect, he did a lot for the UFC.

As it turns out, he almost did even more by taking on Daniel Cormier over a decade ago – but it never happened.

“They sent us a contract. They wanted us back after I put a big winning streak together. [It was] whenever they bought out Strikeforce. They asked me to fight DC [Daniel Cormier] and we said yes, and then they guaranteed two more fights, win or lose, in the UFC, because that was going to be his [Cormier’s] last fight in Strikeforce altogether. We agreed to it, it was a pretty good contract. I want to say it was 80/80, 90/90, 100/100 as long as I won.”

“We signed it and sent it off, but they never sent it back. [We] asked Sean Shelby, dude, what’s going on with Tim’s contract, he’s like yeah, Dana changed his mind.

Sylvia hits out at UFC

“So yeah, that’s what happened. Here’s the carrot dangled in front of you, then they took it away. That’s when I got really really pissed off. That was probaly the biggest crushing moment in my career, right there. At that time, there was so many great fights for me in the UFC. I didn’t care if I ever fought for the world title again, that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to go in the UFC and put on shows for the fans.”

Sylvia went on to note that he thought the UFC believed it would’ve made them look bad to re-sign him after talking so much trash about him previously. He said he was a disgruntled employee during his first run, and they were “s***ty bosses”.

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