VIDEO | Sean Strickland gets into altercation with BJJ champ after ‘dirty’ move

By Drake Riggs - June 16, 2021

Sean Strickland admittedly has a hot temper in the gym.


Consistently bouncing from location to location, the rising middleweight contender recently went to RVCA for some grappling where he ran into BJJ ADCC world champion, Orlando Sanchez.

Strickland’s interaction with “The Cuban Tree Stump” ended a bit scarier than he likely would have preferred.

Tying up in the clinch jockeying for position, Sanchez is first seen going for a quick standing armlock before attempting again. Sanchez hits the maneuver when retrying to crank the elbow.

Strickland reacted angrily shouting “motherf*cker!” and throwing a spinning back fist followed by a teep kick. The UFC fighter carried on asking “why?” and calling the exchange a “dick move” as Sanchez claimed innocence stating “It’s grappling!”

“You talk all that sh*t about how I don’t belong here and then you get mad at me because I hit a quick little submission?” Sanchez added.

Coach Jason Parillo can be heard in the background saying “don’t do that” as they look to go again. After a few seconds, Strickland stopped and said his “arm is f*cked.”

Similar instances of this position in live-action can be seen in Jon Jones’ fight with Glover Teixeira or perhaps most notably, Shinya Aoki vs. Keith Wisniewski. In the latter example, Aoki broke his opponent’s arm in one of the most gruesome finishes in MMA history.

The surging 23-3 New Bern native in Strickland has the biggest fight of his career going down on July 31. It will be his first time headlining a UFC event as he squares off with No. 8 ranked Uriah Hall.

Strickland has looked better than ever on his current run since returning from a devastating motorcycle accident in 2019. With a win over Hall, his winning streak would extend to five straight.

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