Sean Strickland and Jake Paul have a heated back-and-forth after sparring challenge: “I wish we can go back to the days were shit people would just die”

By Cole Shelton - February 10, 2024

Sean Strickland and Jake Paul had a heated back-and-forth on social media.

Sean Strickland and Jake Paul

After Strickland sparred Sneako, which saw the streamers corner throw in the towel multiple times to no avail, as the former UFC champ kept fighting him. Jake Paul took to social media to blast Strickland for the way he acted.

“Shawn Strickland you’re embarrassing for trying to stop sneako like that,” Jake Paul wrote on X earlier today. “you weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out. You’re a horrid boxer that only picks on inexperienced people..I’ll fly you to PR and we can fight on camera… if you win I’ll give you $1 million (half your net worth) But if you get dropped you have to get Betr tattooed on you. DM me. But just like paddy I’m guessing you’ll find a way to run.”

To no surprise, Sean Strickland was quick to fire back at Jake Paul and offered him a new deal, while also trashing the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

“Real talk… jokes aside.. Jake Paul is an utter fucking joke….. You box small retired old mma fighters and you sell sugar water to kids.. If it were legal I’d take your fucking life with a smile on my face. Is there any place on this earth I can take this man’s life and walk?… Actually Jake I’ll make you a better deal because money can’t buy happiness and you have plenty of it and youre still a cunt……. No cameras, me and you in a desert…. That would buy my happiness… No Instagram, no likes, no games…. Just you that’s what I want,” Sean Strickland wrote.

“I wish we can go back to the days were shit people would just die…… Our founding fathers would have murdered him long ago legally. Instead you have to listen to them talk on Twitter across the country,” Strickland added.

Following Sean Strickland’s comments, Jake Paul fired back at him and accused the former UFC middleweight champion of ducking him.

“Thanks for admitting I would make easy work of you in the boxing ring and ducking the offer… just like paddy… Now I will let you continue your meltdown… Constantly talking about killing people, calling them scumbags or wishing them to die bc they don’t agree with your opinion reeks of insecurity, not of being a confident man. Be betr buddy,” Paul responded.

To conclude the heated back-and-forth, Sean Strickland continued to trash Jake Paul for the type of boxers he faces, while also calling him a cancer to the world.

“I want to conclude this, I want you all to understand the phenomenon that is Jake. You’re a professional troll, you fight retired small MMA fighters because you’re a troll but the worst part of it all is that you’re a cancer. You inspire people to accomplish nothing, to be nothing. You inspire people to be trolls because you were successful at it,” Strickland wrote.

“Jake Paul you might be rich but you’re not man, you byproduct of society that has fallen. Your trolls will rally around you and be inspired to be like you but understand one thing, you and your troll army are not my equals. Enjoy your virtual world with the understanding that you’re a cancer on this country. Money will never buy you dignity. Enjoy,” Strickland concluded.

Despite their heated back-and-forth, a fight or sparring match between Sean Strickland and Jake Paul won’t happen. Strickland is under UFC contract, but perhaps, in the future, the two will settle their differences in the boxing ring.

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