Sean O’Malley responds to Alexandre Pantoja’s callout, claims he KO’d him in sparring: “Does he want me to post it?”

By Cole Shelton - August 24, 2023

Sean O’Malley has responded to UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja’s callout.

Sean O'Malley, Alexandre Pantoja

At UFC 292 in Boston last weekend, O’Malley became the UFC’s new bantamweight champion with a second-round TKO win over Aljamain Sterling. It was a great performance from ‘Suga’ and after the win, he called for his first title defense to be against Marlon Vera.

However, taking to his Instagram story, Alexandre Pantoja called out Sean O’Malley and said he would move up to bantamweight to face him.

“If I have something that’s making me want to go to bantamweight, it’s this guy,” Pantoja said of O’Malley on his Instagram story. “He talks too much. He talk a lot of sh*t. If you know about this guy, he recorded my sparring with him and he never send me. You know why, yeah?”

To no surprise, Sean O’Malley saw Alexandre Pantoja’s comments and took to his podcast to take aim at the UFC flyweight champion.

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Sean O’Malley responds to Alexandre Pantoja

According to O’Malley, the two sparred years ago, and ‘Suga’ revealed he knocked Pantoja out in the first round and has the video to prove it.

“Does he want me to post it? I finished him in the first round. I can post that, I wasn’t gonna bring it up, if that’s what he wants. That’s funny,” Sean O’Malley said about Alexandre Pantoja on his podcast. “I mean, does he forget how it played out? I will say in the third round he choked me. But, dude I was like 1-0 or 2-0 as a pro. He was coming off ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ making his UFC debut two weeks out from his UFC debut. I was f*****g smoking joints the night before just like not expecting. Henry Cejudo and him roll into the gym, write my name down for two rounds.

“So I’m having to sparring this dude two rounds in a row. Not in camp, not in shape. Finish him in the first round. They’re f*****g pissed. Spar him again in the second round. I’m 100% gassed out from already whooping his ass,” O’Malley continued on the podcast. “Henry’s yelling, we want him for three, we want him for three! In the video, I’m not sure if you can hear it, but maybe you can. Henry was saying, hold off on the punches. Like he said, I was punching him too hard. Benson’s (Henderson) in the corner for the second to the third round, yelling they don’t come into this gym and we don’t get f*****g tired! And I’m gassed the f**k out. So, he does choke me in the third round. This has gotta be 2015, like this is a long time ago.”

There’s no question that many fans would love to see the sparring video between Sean O’Malley and Alexandre Pantoja.

Although Pantoja called out O’Malley, the chances of the fight happening are slim. Both Sean O’Malley and Alexandre Pantoja are new champs and will need to defend their belt a few times. But, if they continue to be champs, perhaps the fight does happen in the future.

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