Shayna Baszler shares hilarious story of Ronda Rousey humbling her on TUF

By Chris Taylor - May 16, 2020

Former UFC fighter turned pro wrestling star Shayna Baszler recently shared a hilarious story about Ronda Rousey humbling her on the last day of TUF.

Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate

If you recall, Baszler (15-11 MMA) was contestant on season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter with coaches Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Shayna ended up on ‘Team Rowdy’ and wound up forming a lifelong friendship with her coach.

Despite training with Rousey on a daily bases during her time on TUF, Shayna Baszler says she avoided ever getting caught up in one of Rowdy’s patented armbars. That was until her final day of training, when she mentioned to Rousey that she never managed to tap her out with her infamous move.

“We were on the Ultimate Fighter for seven weeks. Training. Training every single day. Twice a day. And that was the only thing we had to look forward too. There was nothing the house. No entertainment, no books, no music, no magazines, no computers, no TV’s, it was horrible!” Baszler explained. “And so, training every day, twice a day. We’re on the last training session. Like the show is wrapping up, we know it, we are all ancy because the house was like The Shining. You know what I mean? Like everybody is going crazy, just being locked up. And we are rolling. Ronda Rousey and I are grappling and it’s like the last training session, the show is going to be over and we get to go home. So we’re grappling and grappling and I look at the clock. And rounds are like five minutes, like that is generally the case. Like you grapple for five minutes. I don’t know, different training protocols. But I think these were taking like five minutes and then switch. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is I look at the clock, and there is two minutes left. And I was like ‘Well, well Ronda Rousey. It looks like I made it through the entire season without being arm-barred by you’. And, in the next two minutes, I got arm-barred probably seven times. Seven or eight times. So, yeah. That’s the story.”

Since retiring from MMA, Shayna Baszler has gone on to find huge success in professional wrestling. She became the WWE’s women’s NXT champion and has since been promoted to the big show, recently engaging in a heated rivalry with Becky Lynch.

What do you think of Ronda Rousey landing her patent armbar seven or eight times in just two minutes while grappling with Shayna Baszler on TUF? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this post PENN Nation!

on May 16, 2020


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