Rafael Fiziev claims the UFC is going to announce a new 165-pound weight class: “This is not a rumor”

By Harry Kettle - February 28, 2024

UFC fighter Rafael Fiziev has claimed that the promotion will soon announce a new 165-pound weight class.

Dana White, UFC

For the longest time now, fight fans have been of the belief that the UFC needs to introduce a 165-pound division. With lightweight being situated at 155 and welterweight being at 170, some feel as if the gap of 15 pounds is too big. For the longest time, this has been little more than an idea – but as of late, it’s started to gain some traction.

There are rumblings out there that the UFC is genuinely considering making this change. If they do, you have to wonder which fighters would make the shift.

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In a recent interview (translated from Russian), the aforementioned Rafael Fiziev revealed that he’s heard this will become a reality sooner rather than later.

Fiziev speaks out on 165 rumors

“This is not a rumor, this is already for sure as far as I know. I heard that this is already true and even they have already fought, they even identified something there, I heard. Yes.”

Fiziev was then asked for his thoughts about competing in this hypothetical new UFC weight class.

“I feel good at [155]. I ate pasta during the week of the fight. I ate in Fight Week, even before the weigh-in. I’ve never had any issue with this. I just, out of discipline, sat down well before as I got a hold of it after the fight. Now, the experience has already come where you can restrain yourself where you need to not get ahold of something for the night. You don’t have to eat 10 snickers. That’s why it’s become much easier to lose weight in my last four fights. I generally lose weight like this, that’s why [165], no.”

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