BJPENN.COM Radio Ep. 121 // Colby Covington | Jim Miller

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is back to drop verbal bombs and continue his tirade in pursuit of the welterweight title. Following an incredibly dominant win against Robbie Lawler in New Jersey over the weekend, Covington has adjusted full focus on a looming showdown with Kamaru Usman.

Lawler of course was a matchup that many believed would be very difficult for Colby and would result in an accurate gauging of his talent, yet the American Top Team captain passed the test with flying colors, and even beating Robbie in the striking department. Additionally, Colby says he was unable to train for the short-notice fight due to a severe cut he sustained in training, making the win that much more impressive. However, even with a record number of punches thrown in this clinical cardio display,

Covington was even further elated to put on a show for the family of President Donald Trump, and then receiving a congratulatory call from the President himself. A historic night indeed for Covington. We’ll recap the entire night from front to back and run the gamut of topics in yet another entertaining interview.

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Jim Miller closes out this episode with a recap of his early submission win over Clay Guida in the co-main event at UFC Newark. Following treatment for a long-undiagnosed battle with Lyme disease, Jim is feeling better than ever and believes he has much more left in the tank than previously thought. We’ll hear the details of how badly the disease was affecting his performances, and how long the New Jersey native endured a premature notion of possible retirement.

Now with all that behind him, Jim is ready to make up for lost time and break some more records. While he’s uncertain if that means a run at the lightweight title or pursuing the biggest paydays possible, one thing that’s evident is Jim Miller wants to fight. We’ll discuss all that and more with the winningest lightweight of all time.

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