Neil Magny reveals that he holds no ill will toward Ian Machado Garry: “I hope he can figure it out”

By Josh Evanoff - January 22, 2024

UFC welterweight contender Neil Magny is taking the high road regarding Ian Machado Garry.

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Last August at UFC 292, the two welterweights faced off. For his part, Neil Magny accepted the bout on short notice. However, it didn’t take long for him to start feuding with the brash-talking Ian Machado Garry. During fight week, the Irishman continually accused his opponent of abusing his kids.

Ian Machado Garry’s comments came after Neil Magny would give him a “father-like” beating at UFC 292. While ‘The Haitian Sensation’ stated his comments were just trash-talk, his opponent took it seriously. During their fight in the cage, Machado Garry mocked the longtime welterweight, handing him a unanimous decision loss. Along the way, chastising him for allegedly abusing his kids.

Ian Machado Garry’s accusation came at a really, really bad time for Neil Magny. The longtime welterweight was going through a divorce and was fighting for custody of his children heading into the event. According to Magny, Machado Garry’s comments made during UFC 292 fight week were used as evidence against him.

However, months on from the incident, Neil Magny is willing to let it go. Speaking on a recent edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the welterweight was asked about Ian Machado Garry. There, Magny stated that he couldn’t hold onto those bad feelings any longer. Furthermore, he wished the Irishman well concerning his own family, which has been attacked over the last few months.


Ian Garry and Neil Magny in their UFC 292 fight.

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Neil Magny opens up on letting go of ill will towards UFC rival Ian Machado Garry

“At the end of the day, I hope he’s never had to go through it.” Neil Magny responded to a question about Ian Machado Garry going through the same situation he had been through in regard to his children. “Going through a separation when you have children involved is one of the worst things I’ve had to face in my life. I mean, that tops every type of experience I’ve had thus far. Whether that’s grief, military things, whatever it may be.”

He continued, “That kind of experience is something I wouldn’t wish on my own enemy… It was a very uneasy feeling. So to have an opponent kind of take that lightly, and make it a gimmick. Some of the things he was saying in press conferences were being quoted in emails for my partner’s attorney to use in court. That kind of stuff, it was just a very uneasy feeling for me. Like man, this is beyond fighting, this is my actual life here.”

“…Mentally it took a huge toll on me… There’s no way I can turn around and say ‘I hope this person goes through this now’, that’s just not anything I would want to go through again.” Neil Magny concluded, speaking about Ian Garry.” …No [I don’t hold a grudge], not at all. With everything that’s happening with him now, I hope he can get to a point and figure it out.”

What do you make of these comments from Neil Magny about Ian Machado Garry? Who do you want to see the welterweight fight next?

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