Ian Machado Garry says he had “so much fun” beating up “f*****g piece of shit” Neil Magny at UFC 292

By Cole Shelton - August 24, 2023

Ian Machado Garry says his UFC 292 fight against Neil Magny got personal.

Ian Machado Garry

Garry was originally supposed to fight Geoff Neal at the event, but just a week out,Neal was forced to withdraw from the bout due to injury and was replaced by Neil Magny. It was a scrap that Ian Machado Garry called for, but in the lead-up to the fight, he had no problem with Magny.

However, at media day, Neil Magny said he was ready to put on a beating like he does to his kids, which Ian Machado Garry was not pleased with. That comment immediately turned the fight personal, and the Irishman says it was the next day he realized he wanted to drag it out for 15 minutes.

“I didn’t want to hurt him, I wanted him to feel what the other side of justice feels like,” Ian Machado Garry said to BJPENN.com. “The words that that man uttered at the UFC media day were absolutely f*****g ridiculous and he should be ashamed of ever muttering the words of raising a hand to a kid or bragging about raising a hand to a kid. When I got to the desk and someone asked me about him, I could not as a man, as a person not speak about what he said. I just had a child, so I am a protector for life, I have to protect and grow this little being that I created to grow into a man and help him along the way.

“I’d be f*****g ashamed of myself if I didn’t call out Neil Magny for what he said, I’d be ashamed that my son saw that and I didn’t call him out,” Garry continued. “I thought he was a real f*****g piece of shit that you went on stage with a mic in your hand that you got accustomed to whopping your son’s ass. Your son’s f*****g three. You should be ashamed of yourself. That is when it got personal. It was actually the next day, me and my wife had a conversation.

“I had been saying eight minutes, it was the next day that I said I would drag this out for 15 minutes. Neil went home on a pair of crutches or a wheelchair, he’s going home and he’s thinking about his leg and how much pain it’s in. I hope that man sits down and thinks about the mistakes. All the respect was lost for that man after he bragged about beating a kid,” Garry added.

Although there were points Ian Machado Garry looked close to finishing the fight, he’s glad Neil Magny gutted it out. He knows some fighters would quit on the stool or have the towel thrown in. But, because that didn’t happen, he was able to put a beating on Magny.

“I’m not surprised one bit. I’m so grateful he didn’t quit or throw the towel in because it made my night so much more fun to have another five minutes to whoop his ass,” Garry said.

When the final bell rang, Ian Machado Garry won a dominant decision, including getting a rare 30-24 scorecard. According to Garry, he says that shows how special he is and how dominant he can be.

“It’s been seven years since we saw a domination in the Octagon like I did on Saturday night… People talk about the finish, but I went out there and had so much fun beating him up. I put on a show for the fans, the finish is always something we look for, but if someone wants to be too tough for their own good. I have no problem dragging it out longer,” Garry concluded.

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